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ThermaFreeze Reusable Sheets
Whether you are shipping a package that needs to stay cold or just looking to spend a day at the beach, ThermaFreeze reusable ice packs are a great way to keep items cool. While ice chests and other alternatives may get the job done, they tend to be messy due to leaking and melting, and they can also make packing difficult. ThermaFreeze flexible cooler packs are a breeze to store, use and reuse. Until they are in use, ThermaFreeze sheets are paper thin and just as light. Even when they are hydrated, they are still very thin and lightweight, and unlike other cooling products, they are flexible when frozen. This means that you can wrap the sheets around bottles, jars or fit them into the edges of your cooler or shipping box, and they will not take up tons of extra space. Sheets are available as our standard pre-cut size of 6 by 4 cubes.
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