Tempco Electric Heater Corporation Thick Film Flexible Heaters

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Thick Film Flexible Heaters -  - Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
Wood Dale, IL, United States
Thick Film Flexible Heaters
Conductive and resistive inks are printed on a film substrate layer, and then covered with another film layer laminated together with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). Typically, the film layers are .005" thick thermoplastic or thermoset polymers, like polyester (up to 105°C) or polyimide (up to 180°C), that exhibit good thermal conductivity while serving as electrical insulators. An additional layer of PSA can be added to the bottom of the assembly so the element can be bonded directly to the surface to be heated, ensuring excellent thermal transfer.
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  Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
Product Category Electric Heaters
Product Name Thick Film Flexible Heaters
Heater Type Flexible Heater
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