Tempco Electric Heater Corporation L-Shaped Cast-In Heaters

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L-Shaped Cast-In Heaters -  - Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
Wood Dale, IL, United States
L-Shaped Cast-In Heaters
L-shaped Cast-In Heaters are designed for square/rectangular applications. For mounting purposed, heaters can be designed with 45° flanged ear extensions that are bolted and drawn together, or can be made with through holes machined into the casting body to bolt directly onto the barrel itself. Thermocouple and transducer holes or other special features can be accommodated as well. To enhance cooling capabilities, or to be used in place of integral feed screw cooling, “L” shaped heaters can be manufactured with cast-in cooling tubes to satisfy liquid cooling requirements. This feature allows processors the ease of changing a single unit at a time, thus representing a far less time-consuming and less expensive alternative should a cooling line become clogged or severely restricted.
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Technical Specifications

  Tempco Electric Heater Corporation
Product Category Electric Heaters
Product Name L-Shaped Cast-In Heaters
Phase Three Phase AC Voltage
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