Tekscan, Inc. Standard Force Sensors FlexiForce™ A502

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Standard Force Sensors - FlexiForce™ A502 - Tekscan, Inc.
South Boston, MA, USA
Standard Force Sensors FlexiForce™ A502
Large, square, standard sensor, ideal for OEM integration. A502 sensors are square standard sensors with a 2-pin male connector. They have a force range of 0-222 N (0-50 lb), specified with Tekscan electronics. The model is linear through a much lower range of 0-22N (0-5 lb), and is capable of measuring loads up to 44,482 N (10,000 lb).* The dynamic range of this versatile force sensor can be modified by changing the drive voltage and adjusting the resistance of the feedback resistor.
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Technical Specifications

  Tekscan, Inc.
Product Category Force and Load Sensors
Product Number FlexiForce™ A502
Product Name Standard Force Sensors
Force Measured Compression
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