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Finisterre SPE Columns -  - Teknokroma Analitica S.A.
Sant Cugat del Valles, Barcelona, Spain
Finisterre SPE Columns
Teknokroma introduces in the market the new line of Finisterre™ Solid Phase Extraction columns for a fast and efficient sample clean-up and concentration prior to analysis through GC, HPLC, and/or other instrumental methods. SPE method concentrates and purifi es analytes from solution by sorption onto a disposable solid phase cartridge, followed by elution of the analyte with an appropriate solvent for instrumental analysis. The Finisterre™ SPE columns improve sample purity, quantifi cation, and HPLC column life.
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Technical Specifications

  Teknokroma Analitica S.A.
Product Category Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges and Disks
Product Name Finisterre SPE Columns
Particle Size 50 µm (1.97 mils)
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