TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. AC-DC Power Supplies LWT15H-525

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AC-DC Power Supplies - LWT15H-525 - TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.
National City, CA, United States
AC-DC Power Supplies LWT15H-525
AC-DC converters have the functionality to extract a stable DC power supply by rectifying and controlling commercial power supplies. TDK offers an abundant lineup of TDK-Lambda brand AC-DC switching power supplies that adopt the "switching method" for the industrial equipment market. These power supplies are available in unit types, PC board types, power module types, on-board types, and DIN rail mount types, with a wide-ranging product lineup from models with a small capacity of several W to models with a large capacity exceeding 2 kW. TDK-Lambda offers "standard power supplies" that meet the various needs of its customers for keeping up with the changing times, including miniaturization and efficiency enhancement, compliance with safety standards, support for wide input, compliance with EMI (electromagnetic interference) standards and higher harmonic current regulation, compliance with the RoHS directive, and the adoption of digital control technologies.
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AC DC Converters - 285-LWT15H-525-ND - Digi-Key Electronics
Thief River Falls, MN, USA
AC DC Converters 285-LWT15H-525-ND
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Technical Specifications

  TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. Digi-Key Electronics
Product Category Power Supplies Power Supplies
Product Number LWT15H-525 285-LWT15H-525-ND
Product Name AC-DC Power Supplies AC DC Converters
DC Output Power 15 to 50 watts
DC Input Voltage 110.0 to 330.0 volts
Form Factor Open Frame
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 C (32 to 140 F) 0 to 60 C (32 to 140 F)
Type DC Power Supply AC / DC Adapter; AC/DC Converter; 1
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