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Munich, Germany
Ferrite Cores
TDK offers a wide variety of Mn-Zn ferrite materials optimized for their application purposes, and include materials with high magnetic flux, low losses, and for broad temperature ranges. The products are also available in various profiles, including materials with standard core shapes that are compliant with international standards or low-profile materials for planar transformers. In addition, the portfolio features Ni-Zn ferrite materials that are optimized for use in inductors, EMC products, antennas, and various other products. These high-frequency materials offer high magnetic flux, high stress-resistance, and low temperature coefficients. TDK excels in the high-precision manufacturing of advanced core geometries, including small and low-profile shapes with a height of 0.6 mm or lower, and offers a comprehensive program of matching accessories.
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Product Category Magnetic Cores
Product Name Ferrite Cores
Core Material Maganese-Zinc Ferrite; Nickel-Zinc Ferrite
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