SWAN Analytical USA, INC. Monitor AMI Deltacon DG A-23.481.100


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Monitor AMI Deltacon DG - A-23.481.100 - SWAN Analytical USA, INC.
Wheeling, IL, USA
Monitor AMI Deltacon DG A-23.481.100
Triple channel conductivity monitor for specific (total), acid (cation) and degassed conductivity. Features Includes easy to swap cation column with rinsed nuclear grade resin. Calculation of the pH value and alkalizing reagent concentration in power plants by differential conductivity measurement (see appendix of VGB-directive 450L, edition 1988). Complete system with dedicated transmitter, three high precision conductivity sensors and two flow cells; one flow cell with integrated cation column, needle valve and digital sample flow meter. Sample reboiler unit with heating and cooling system made of stainless steel. DG electronic controller for sample reboiler unit with vapor pressure control (IP66) Factory tested on wet bench. Ready for installation and start-up.
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Technical Specifications

  SWAN Analytical USA, INC.
Product Category Water Quality Testing Instruments
Product Number A-23.481.100
Product Name Monitor AMI Deltacon DG
Operating Temperature ? to 122 F (? to 50 C)
pH Measurement Features pH Reference Electrode Input
Water Quality Parameters Water Quality Measurement Instrument; pH; Measures Conductivity / Dissolved Solids
Conductivity Range 0.0550 to 1000 µS/cm
pH range 7.5 to 11.5 pH
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