Sunstone Engineering TCW-DP-100 -Pulse Heat -Reflow Soldering System


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TCW-DP-100 -Pulse Heat -Reflow Soldering System -  - Sunstone Engineering
Payson, UT, United States
TCW-DP-100 -Pulse Heat -Reflow Soldering System
Versatile All In One System Saves Money, Time, and Space! Used for Reflow Solder, Thermal Compression, and Hot bar Applications. The TCW-DP-100 is the ultimate Pulse Heat system. The TCW-DP-100 reflow soldering system is an all in one system that saves money, time, and space. The power supply includes the servo weld head controls, a displacement monitor, and the welding & temperature power supply. With high levels of precision, the TCW-DP-100 Reflow Solder system has the resolution of 1 micron. This means that you can expect extreme precision, and high reliability and repeatability. Reduce Cost, Increase reliability using Displacement Control. Displacement control reduces over travel and allows for more reliability. In Reflow Soldering, merely flowing the solder is not enough, control over where the solder flows is required. Overtravel of the Hot bar causes the solder to be pressed out from under the piece, this causes reduced strength and can fail over time. With Displacement control, the unit provides constant feedback of the travel and accuracy within 1 Micron. Additionally, the unit can be programmed to do some functions once displacement has is reached. In the above example, the coax cable shape can be maintained, and not overpressed. Adequate solder can remain under the piece, and not be pressed out. Why Buy The TCW-DP 100 Reflow Soldering System? High Precision Displacement Control – Uniform Melting Amount – 1 micro resolution & Accuracy – Reduce Over Travel & Over pressing pieces -Stronger, more reliable results. Wide Variety of Monitoring Functions – Monitor temperature to ensure perfect welds – Monitor displacement to provide ideal
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  Sunstone Engineering
Product Category Welding, Brazing, and Soldering Equipment
Product Name TCW-DP-100 -Pulse Heat -Reflow Soldering System
Process Capability Reflow; Soldering Stations, Irons & Accessories
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