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Lyss, Bern, Switzerland
Diamond Sawblades
Stettler Sapphire Ltd. supplies diamond sawblades made of a variety of metals and available in different diameters and grain sizes. They are used in a variety of industrial applications to separate sapphire, hard metals, ceramic, special crystals and other hard substances. A process developed by Stettler Sapphire Ltd. allows us to offer cost-effective quality products sold to more than 50 customers worldwide. Our production facilities and expert staff enable us to deliver tailored solutions for your cutting applications.
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Technical Specifications

  Stettler Sapphire AG
Product Category Cutoff Wheels and Abrasive Saw Blades
Product Name Diamond Sawblades
Thickness 0.008 to 2.362 inch (0.2000 to 60 mm)
Grit Size 60 to 270 # or Microns
Type Diamond
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