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IoT Platform Solution - STEGO CONNECT - STEGO, Inc.
Kennesaw, GA, United States
IoT Platform Solution STEGO CONNECT
Easy! STEGO CONNECT is the IIoT platform solution that uses IO-Link technology to enable organizations to get on with automation in no time. Just do it: Plug & Connect! EASY TO CONNECT STEGO CONNECT makes it easy to network physical devices with the virtual world. Digitalization and IIoT works right away! Easy IIoT implementation: as a user of our Software-as-a-Servic e, you will be connecting sensors and actuators on the basis of the IO-Link protocol – in an efficient synergy of cloud computing and edge computing. And it's so easy: Plug & Connect. STEGO CONNECT works with any IO-Link product – from any manufacturer. Simply plug in and your devices are connected. Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things! MONITORING MADE EASY STEGO CONNECT enables you to collect valuable data and check the functionality of connected devices, any time and any place. It's easy to keep an eye on all parameters: your devices provide important data, which STEGO CONNECT clearly connects. This allows you to use the data to generate added value – for example, by analyzing the data for use in decision-making or by providing useful information to optimize machines and systems. You can also keep an eye on the status of all devices and thus reliably avoid any breakdowns and subsequent problems. EFFORTLESS CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING STEGO CONNECT gives the relevant employees the opportunity to respond, regardless of their location. Connected devices can be controlled centrally. Central control for localised branched systems: with our platform, it’s child’s play. Detached from the physical component, all key changes are made via STEGO CONNECT. The need for on-site presence becomes a thing of the past for parametrization, configuration, control and, not least, system and application automation. Freely-configurable dashboards, alerts and workflows give you, as a user of STEGO CONNECT, full control.
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  STEGO, Inc.
Product Category Remote Control Software
Product Number STEGO CONNECT
Product Name IoT Platform Solution
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