Staubli Corporation Non-Spill Flat Face Coupling CBI


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Non-Spill Flat Face Coupling - CBI - Staubli Corporation
Duncan, SC, United States
Non-Spill Flat Face Coupling CBI
Non-spill flat-face pollution protection technology ensures permanancy of sealing Spill-free to ensure operator safety No discharge and no work place contamination Protection for tools and production Pollution-preventing flat face guarantee the integrity of fluids and gasses no pollution enters your circuits Excellent Mechanical Strength The robust construction with long plug guiding in the socket, in the connected position provides the CBI with great strength to withstand high mechanical stresses (vibrations, oscillations, etc.). Push; and its Connected Automatic locking CBIs give you ever easier handling. A concept that is especially suited for: Blind Connections Repeated Connections Compact Design Especially suitable for difficult access situations. Efficiency Maximum flow in the smallest size. Ease of Connection Front sealing by a seal fitted into the back adapter on all cylindrical male plugs Sealing by sealing-kit KES ring possible on all cylindrical male sockets Applications Include Cold or hot water Hydraulic and mineral oils Mineral or synthetic origin heat transfer oils Water glycol, hot water or steam Cooling of machinery Temperature control lines on thermoplastic injection molds.
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Technical Specifications

  Staubli Corporation
Product Category Gas Fittings
Product Number CBI
Product Name Non-Spill Flat Face Coupling
Temperature -4 to 482 F (-20 to 250 C)
Metric Size 3.00 to 25.00 mm (0.1181 to 0.9843 inch)
Connection Type Tube - Male English Straight Thread
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