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Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt Magnet -  - Standex-Meder Electronics
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt Magnet
Features Working Temperature from -250 up to 450°C Low Temperature Coefficient Adjustable Magnetic Moment Easy to Adjust Important ratio between diameter to length (1×4) for better stability Raw materials for Aluminium-Nickel-Cob alt Magnets (AlNiCo) are aluminium, nickel, cobalt, iron, copper and titanium. Aluminium-Nickel-Cob alt Magnets are produced in a sintering – casting procedure. The hard material needs to be processed by grinding to be cost effective. Due to its specifications, the best dimension is a remarkably longer length than its diameter. In combination with reed sensors / switches we recommend a length / diameter ratio of more than 4. AlNiCo magnets have excellent temperature stability. Cylindrical AlNiCo magnets can be used with all Standex-Meder reed sensors / switches without any problems.
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  Standex-Meder Electronics
Product Category Industrial Magnets
Product Name Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt Magnet
Operating Temperature -418 to 482 F (-250 to 250 C)
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