SPIROL Vibratory Feed Systems Series 2000

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Vibratory Feed Systems - Series 2000 - SPIROL
Danielson, CT, USA
Vibratory Feed Systems Series 2000
The Leading Edge of Drive Technology The combination of frequency, amplitude and phase control with solid state digital electronic circuiting clearly places the SPIROL Series 2000 Vibratory Drives at the leading edge of Radial Drive Technology. Features: Variable frequency of vibration independent of the main power frequency Independent horizontal and vertical amplitude control Phase control of the timing of the horizontal and vertical relationship Solid state controller Benefits: Adjustable drive angle Electronic bowl tuning Bowl interchangeability Higher feeding rates Smoother feeding Part separation on track Reduced component damage Lower noise level Increased energy efficiency Clockwise/counterclo ckwise capability
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Parts Feeders
Product Number Series 2000
Product Name Vibratory Feed Systems
Parts Fed Lightweight Parts
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