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Rotor Insertion Flowmeter - RIM10 Series - Spirax-Sarco
Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Rotor Insertion Flowmeter RIM10 Series
The RIM10 rotor insertion flowmeter utilizes multi-variable electronics to provide a compensated mass flowrate of liquid, gas and steam from a single opening in the pipeline. The RIM10 measures all process variables with a single device providing outstanding accuracy and reduces installation costs. Simplified commissioning through an easy to use local display or internet accessible web server. RIM10-600 and RIM10-900 are 'hot-tappable' and can be installed and removed without process shutdown simplifying maintenance. Features: Volumeric or mass flow monitoring of liquid, gas, or steam. Rugged insertion-style mounting in any pipe 75 to 2 000 mm (3" to 80"). Can be installed and removed under full-flow conditions. Interchangeable rotors for a wide variety of applications. Process pressure up to 137.8 bar g (2 000 psi g). Process temperatures up to 400° C (750° F). Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP / IP standard. Industry standard pulse output 4 - 20 mA. Field or remote configurable outputs, display and ranges. Multi-variable electronics incorporat es RTD for compensated mass flow reading. Optional integral pressure measurement. Field configurable via magnet wand. Remote monitoring and programming via built-in web server. FM / CE approval pending
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Liquid Flow Meters
Product Number RIM10 Series
Product Name Rotor Insertion Flowmeter
Operating Pressure 125 to 2002 psi (87.78 to 1409 m H2O)
Operating Temperature -4 to 543 F (-20 to 284 C)
Process Media Type Liquid; Gas; Steam
Pipe Diameter 3.00 to 80.00 inch (76.2 to 2032 mm)
Interface Options Serial/Digital; Network/Fieldbus
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