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6kW High Voltage Power Supplies STR12*6
Spellman’s STR Series of 6kW high voltage power supplies are available in positive or negative polarities in 19 different models with outputs ranging from 1kV to 150kV. A full featured front panel allows easy local control, while an extensive analog interface provides comprehen­sive remote capability. The standard Ethernet and RS-232 digital interfaces simplify integrating the STR into your system design. The STR’s robust IGBT inverter is inherently fault tolerant and is ideal for demanding applications like semiconductor processing and vacuum deposition. Many operational fea­tures can be configured by the user to suit their particular requirements. Typical applications: Ion Beam Implantation Semiconductor Processing Electron Beam Welding Capacitor Charging High Power RF Transmitters Electrostatic Precipitators X Ray Systems Digital Interface The STR features a standard RS-232 and Ethernet digital interface. Utilizing these standard digital interfaces can dramatically simplify power supply interfacing requirements saving the user both time and money, while enhancing functionality and overall capability. Spellman provides a GUI with the STR that allows the customer to both customize operational features of the STR while also providing basic power supply operational features. Details of the STR’s digital interface capability are described in detail in the STR manual, downloadable via the link on the first page of this data sheet. Arc InterventionSpellman’s STR power supplies have an arc intervention feature that senses arc currents via a fast acting current sense transformer. The purpose of the arc intervention circuitry is to prevent power supply damage from continuous, long term arcing. The factory default configuration will trip off the unit with an Arc Fault if 4 arcs occur in a 10 second time period. Customers can change basic arc intervention parameters (Arc Count, Arc Quench, Reramp Time, and Window Time) within preset limits via the digital interface; customized units can be provided for unique arc prone environments, contact Spellman for details. Features: Single 6U (10.5”) Chassis Models from 1kV to 150kV Remote Analog and Remote Ethernet Interface Arc and Short Circuit Protected User Configurable Settings Via Ethernet Interface OEM Customization Available
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Technical Specifications

  Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation
Product Category Power Supplies
Product Number STR12*6
Product Name 6kW High Voltage Power Supplies
DC Output Power 6000 watts
Operating Temperature 0 to ? C (32 to ? F)
Type High Voltage
AC Input Voltage 264.0 to 528.0 volts
Ripple 0.1% p-p +1Vrms
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