Qnnect, formerly Hermetic Solutions Group Explosively Bonded Metals

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Explosively Bonded Metals -  - Qnnect, formerly Hermetic Solutions Group
Feasterville-Trevose, PA, United States
Explosively Bonded Metals
Design engineers are often faced with the dilemma of material selection, and frequently, they find that a combination of materials provides the optimal properties required by the design. Qnnect, formerly Hermetic Solutions Group’s explosively bonded metals can join otherwise incompatible materials without compromising other design elements. Why Explosively Bonded Metals? Materials can often exhibit good corrosive resistance, electrical conductivity, or thermal conductivity, yet be lacking in the strength, hardness, weld-ability, or wear resistance required by the final design. Hermetic Solutions Group has helped customers to achieve the “impossible” for more than 30 years with its innovative explosively bonded metals solutions.
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  Qnnect, formerly Hermetic Solutions Group
Product Category Metal Shapes and Stock
Product Name Explosively Bonded Metals
Type CladBimetal
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