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Angle Beam Probes SONOSCAN
Our ergonomically-design ed angle beam probes for non-destructive testing (NDT), part of the SONOSCAN probe series, are designed to check for cracks and occlusions in metals. They are used primarily in the metalworking industry for the inspection of weld seams. SONOSCAN probes are efficient, robust ultrasonic transducers that can be used in conjunction with all standard ultrasonic testing devices. Due to their variety of design and size, our probes are optimally suited for a multitude of applications. Looping-in of the probe enables it to be adapted and used for curved surfaces, for example for various types of pipeline. The unique and practical ergonomic design of our angle beam probes enables comfortable and convenient use. In addition to our two standard products, we can also manufacture customer-specific solutions. Product features: - Excellent acoustic characteristics - Compatibility with standard ultrasonic testing devices - Unique ergonomic design and ease of use - Customer-specific adaptation possible
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Technical Specifications

  SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH
Product Category Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Probes
Product Number SONOSCAN
Product Name Angle Beam Probes
Probe Style Angle Beam; Angled / Curved Tip
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