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Induction Hardening System - UWH - SMS Elotherm North America
Cranberry Township, PA, USA
Induction Hardening System UWH
PRECISE HANDLING COMPLETE SOLUTIONS As a standardised machine, the UWH Series is an important pillar of our product range for induction hardening applications. It satisfies all the prerequisites for the economical, high-quality induction hardening of a wide variety of work-pieces with varied geometries. The versatility of UWH machines is demonstrated in worldwide daily production in the hardening of crankshafts, drive shafts, axle parts and other workpieces. Diverse processing routines can be saved in the CNC control system and assigned to the individua hardening tasks through a simple program change. Through its integration of standard assemblies, the UWH Series is suit able for long cylindrical axles and drive shafts. Shafts of norma engths are hardened inductively over the full surface and can be tempered with residual heat Additional equipment for inductive annealing and tempering is available Driven or non-driven support rolls can also be used to prevent uncontrolled deformation when working with extremely long shafts. Throughputs of up to 360 workpiece: per hour have been realised. The standard clamping lengths range from 350 mm to 1250 mm, with greater lengths available as options. Upon customer request, SMS Elotherm is able to implement machine concepts for fully or semiautomatic production machines or for integration into transfer lines. QUALITY IS A PRODUCT OF KNOW-HOW SMS Elotherm is certified to ISO9001 /VDA6.4. Our specialists take on the complete planning and realisation of special designs for ndividual hardening tasks. Proven standard components are used which serves to shorten development times and cut system costs Our experienced engineers are similarly on hand to assist in the modernisation and retrofitting of existing hardening system. When it comes to complicated hardening processes, demanding materials, or unusual machine designs, our specialised knowledge results in the economical production and full observance of all quality specifications. HARD SHELLS, ELASTIC CENTERS SMS Elotherm technologies for inductive hardening and heat-treating are characterized by a broad diversity of practice-oriented application solutions reflecting the very highest standards. For automotive parts such as crank-and camshafts, cv joints, tripods and other joint components, we supply fully automatic hardening machines for integration into the manufactur-ng line, as well as hardening centers as complete system solutions. In addition to our standard machines, we also manufacture and implement custom systems for special applications. These machines offer the same quality and product benefits as our standard equipment.
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  SMS Elotherm North America
Product Category Induction Heaters
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Product Name Induction Hardening System
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