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Induction Hardening System - UVH - SMS Elotherm North America
Cranberry Township, PA, USA
Induction Hardening System UVH
ONE SOLUTION FOR A BROAD RANGE OF APPLICATIONS SMS Elotherm's UVH and TTH Induction Hardening Systems are specifically designed with the flexibility needed to address a wide range of applications involving parts with varying geometries These machines demonstrate their versatility in worldwide applications on a daily basis for the hardening of engine and axle parts, caterpillar tracks, tools, transmission components, gears, and much more Different handling routines can be stored and quickly retrieved in the CNC and assigned operatively to the corresponding hardening tasks with new program call All hardening systems from SMS Elotherm are supplied as complete units, including converter, application systems, re-cooling systems, measuring stations, peripheral components and process development. Varying combinations of our standard modules enable the UVH and TTH machines to be supplied in a dual-spindle version, or as a 3 or 4 station system incorporating inductive tempering SMS Elotherm also offers fully automatic hardening machines that cater to high throughput applications. When it comes to the heat treatment of king pins, tripods, and other pin-jointed parts, these systems permit the handling of more than 200 workpieces per hour. Only minimal resetting is required to be able to harden the most varied of workpiece families QUALITY IS A QUESTION OF KNOW-HOW A special manufacturing team at SMS Elotherm looks after the design and implementation of special systems for non-standard hardening tasks Whenever possible, we incorporate proven standard components, which serves to shorten the development time and to reduce system costs Highly skilled and innovative engineers are similarly available to assist you in the refurbishing or modernization of existing hardening systems With SMS Elotherm, you can be sure of receiving a perfect solution for the most demanding of work-piece materials and geometries FEATURES OF THE UVH/TTH SERIES Vertical progressive hardening Circumferential progressive hardeningSingle-shot hardening Indexing table Vertical/horizontal inductor travel Annealing and tempering Hardening lengths up to 1500mm
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  SMS Elotherm North America
Product Category Induction Heaters
Product Number UVH
Product Name Induction Hardening System
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