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Cranberry Township, PA, USA
For more than 50 years, inductive heating for hot forming has been one of our most successful technological developments. Inductive heating systems are the typical precursor for high throughput, fully automated progressive hot-forming presses in which, amongst other things, blanks for rolling bearing, vehicle and standard components are manufactured via drop forging. The short cycle times required for a high component output demand complete interlinkage of the heating and the forming system. During this process the precise adherence to and monitoring of the optimum forging temperature are an important factor for product quality. The STH bar heating systems consist of individual, matching components which have been designed especially for the various sized forming units on the market. Due to the wide variety of variants, SMS Elotherm has recently developed a flexible modular system which, in regard to combining the individual components, enables us to precisely meet the product requirements of our customers. Standard interfaces between the individual components and the downstream forming units guarantee that the flexible extension of the bar stock heating systems is always possible. SMS Elotherm uses state-of-the-art processes according to ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4 to manufacture inductive heating systems for bar stock - round or square - with static, digitalised transistor converters, switch and control cabinets and the corresponding power section with inductors. If desired by the customer, our systems can also be equipped with the following components: Bar magazines Recooling systems Hot-cropping systems Downstream forming units The beneficial process properties of induction heating have been continuously developed over the last several decades at SMS Elotherm. Our innovative "stop-and-go" technology and the "go slow" operating mode, contribute to further improvement of the manufacturing process, with regard to disturbances in downstream forming sections. Defined holding of the column of billets at an optimum temperature permits significant reductions in the stoppage and start-up times, and in the amount of necessary recycling. High throughput rates, optimum process reliability and convenient operation and maintenance are characteristic for induction heating systems from SMS Elotherm. OUR SERVICE -YOUR FLEXIBILITY Worldwide on-site service Reliable supply of tools and spare parts Production and repair of nductors and coils Updating and maintenance System inspection and repair work Process support Coil calculation Operator training Development of prototype
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