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Induction Hardening Machines - Special Applications Series - SMS Elotherm North America
Cranberry Township, PA, USA
Induction Hardening Machines Special Applications Series
Induction hardening is in worldwide use in a wide variety of industries It contributes to the manufacturing of many different types of parts in a wide spectrum of forms and applications. Through our extensive experience, and our continuous involvement with often complex and custom tasks, we are able to provide measurable benefits to users of our equipment with our innovative system concepts. To further enhance the wear resistance and the endurance strength of highly stressed production assemblies, SMS Elotherm supplies not only a broad variety of standard machines, but also customer-specific solutions matched to uniquely developed hardening processes. An economical design based on standard components, process reliability and simple handling characterise our special equipment. Experience shows that machine utilisation and effectiveness is not measured merely in high numbers of parts, but ultimately by the quality and durability of the hardened workpieces, and the final products. Special systems tailored to individua requirements are developed and optimised for maximum cost-effectiveness by experienced designers and engineers in direct cooperation with our customers. There are virtually no restrictions placed on the possible forms and dimensions, of the workpiece whether highly miniaturized or extremely large weighing 10 tonns or more. Existing and potential customers are able to make use of the services of our team of experts, whose research and development laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for innovative hardening processes and stringent process testing. BENEFITS THROUGH: Reliable process control Tangible economic benefits Dependable reproducibility of hardening results Complete automation Highly efficient energy utilisation Short cycle time Geometrically precise partia heat treatment Good environmenta compatibility Ultimate quality standards HARD SHELLS, ELASTIC CENTERS SMS Elotherm technologies for inductive hardening and heat treating are characterized by a broad diversity of practice-oriented application solutions reflecting the very highest standards. For automotive industry parts, such as crankshafts, king pins, tripods and other pin-jointed parts, we supply fully automatic hardening machines for integration into the manufacturing line, as well as hardening centres as complete system solutions. In addition to our many standard implementations, we also offer special systems for unusual fields of application with the same product benefits as our standard machines.
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Induction Machines - Special Applications Series - SMS Elotherm North America
Cranberry Township, PA, USA
Induction heating equipment has been one of our most successful technologies for over 50 years With numerous innovative developments across the highly diverse field of induction technology, SMS Elotherm has contributed to the economical manufacturing of high-quality industrial products. Our broad range of standard heating plants and equipment, all designed on a modular basis, covers the most varied customer requirements Whether large-scale plant or small stand-alone machine, precise tailoring to the individual application is indicative of inherent economic efficiency and competitiveness. Modified product technologies, unusual workpiece forms and new materials call for out-of-the-ordinary solutions, also when it comes to replacing other heating energies. In such cases, it is the experience and profound knowledge of our engineers, the close cooperation with the customer and advantageous manufacturing conditions which lay the foundations for optimum realisation of the set tasks. SMS Elotherm also uses proven components in its handling of special applications. State-of-the-art control, monitoring and operating systems are supplied in accordance with customer wishes. Manufactur-ng reliability, faithful observance of schedules, full plant and process documentation and thorough user training form the basis for a stable and economical heating process. Durable, robust machine designs and automated production processes soon qualify the investment outlay. DIVERSITY OF FORMS Billets Bars and bar pieces Ingots Slabs Rolls Sheets Strips Tubes Profiles Plates Cylinders DIVERSITY OF MATERIALS Steel and high-grade steel Aluminium Brass Zinc Copper Titanium Cobalt Special alloys
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