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Induction Seam Annealer System - SNG - SMS Elotherm North America
Cranberry Township, PA, USA
Induction Seam Annealer System SNG
SEAM ANNEALING SYSTEMS Seam annealer systems ranging from 300 kW to 2500 kW in modular design. The ideal power distribution, depending on tube speed will result in an optimum seam treatment being achieved by mean: of single and multiple annealing (Q&T). The annealing speeds are adapted to the welding process, the correct frequency selection guarantees low differences in temperature (internal/external) Control and monitoring is effected by means of PLC-control and controlled positioning axes. The screen shows all control parameters. The guidance of the inductor - i.e. seam tracking - can be effected either manually or full automatically. SNG PERFECT THROUGH: The high life time of the inductor The ELOMAT-frequency converter's high degree of reliability The low degree of maintenance required The high level of process reliability due to advanced technical competence AN ALL-AROUND ANSWER FOR TUBES Induction and conduction heating of tubes are keys to increase productivity and quality assurance. HF seam welding for tubes and shaped sections, MF seam annealing, induction tube heating for a range of subsequent processes such as sizing, tube bending, tempering, coating etc. are key aspects of this technology. A decisive factor in the manufacturing of tubes is the precise matching of all the machining processes to each other. This is where SMS Elotherm's experience and skill come in. SNG MACHINE DATA: IGBT-Parallel and Series-Converters Converters up to 2500 kW WORKPIECE DATA: Tubes and profiles Diameter 3" up to 24" Wall thickness up to 22 mm MATERIALS: Steel Steel alloys Tube-welding Seam-annealing Black-annealing Bright-annealing Tube-coating Heating for manufacturing tube bends Continuous induction process, quench and temper Tube-end heating Patenting strip Annealing and drying of strips Strip heating for coating
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  SMS Elotherm North America
Product Category Induction Heaters
Product Number SNG
Product Name Induction Seam Annealer System
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