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Cranberry Township, PA, USA
Inductive heating technologies for hot forming processes have been among our most successful technology developments for over 50 years now. The spectrum covered by SMS Elotherm ranges from compact, flexible billet heating machines to fully automatic system solutions for ntegration into forging lines. Individual, but at the same time carefully matched modular components, such as spiral conveyors, step feeders, emptying facilities, three-way switches, withdrawing tongs and robots, permit heating systems to be configured in a considerable number of variations for precise tailoring to individua customer's requirements. Standard interfaces both between the components and to periphera equipment ensure future expandability at any later time. Exchangeable inductors provide for fast adaptation to ever-chang-ng forging requirements, whereby shuttle systems offer fully automatic inductor conversion. Process stability, production reliability, complete induction system and process documentation, together with thorough user training, represent the basis for an uninterrupted and economical forging process. A highly-developed system concept and the flexibility of short conversion times ensure perfect mastering of the process and a high degree of reliability in investment planning. The beneficial process properties of induction heating have been continuously developed over the last several decades at SMS Elotherm. Our innovative „stop-and-go" technology and the „go slow" operating mode, contribute to further improvement of the manufacturing process, with regard to disturbances in downstream forming sections. Defined holding of the column of billets at an optimum temperature permits significant reductions in the stoppage and start-up times, and in the amount of necessary recycling. High throughput rates, optimum process reliability and convenient operation and maintenance are characteristic for induction heating systems from SMS Elotherm. OUR SERVICE -YOUR FLEXIBILITY Worldwide on-site service Reliable tool and spare parts supplies Production and repairs of nductors and coils Modernisation and maintenance Plant inspection and repairs Process consulting Coil calculations Operator training Prototype development PLANT DATA: Round and square billets with dimensions 25-180mm Throughput rate 0.1 — 6t/h ELOMAT BTH with outputs 100-1600 kW in compact substructure Outputs >1600 kW with separate ELOMAT converter Frequencies 0.6-10kHz
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  SMS Elotherm North America
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