Smiths Interconnect Active Multiplier Chain (AMC)

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Active Multiplier Chain (AMC) -  - Smiths Interconnect
Kansas City, KS, United States
Active Multiplier Chain (AMC)
The series AMC line of active multipliers featuring Millitech technology extends the range of sources from 7.5 to 20 GHz coaxial to the complete millimeter-wave spectrum from 26 to 140 GHz. Features & Benefits The series AMC is application flexible and can be used as the Local Oscillator (LO) input when mated with Smiths Interconnect's mixers series MXP, MXB, and MSH products. Added versatility can be achieved by using the series AMC with Smiths Interconnect's series MUD Frequency Doublers and series MUT Frequency Triplers for frequency ranges extending up to 300 GHz. Higher power levels can be obtained as well by adding Smiths Interconnect's series AMP Power Amplifiers as an intermediate stage. Standard Waveguides Sizes: WR-42 to WR-08 Coax Connectors: K/2.92mm Full waveguide bandwidths Optional Removable Heatsink
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Technical Specifications

  Smiths Interconnect
Product Category RF Frequency Multipliers
Product Name Active Multiplier Chain (AMC)
Input Frequency Range 300000 MHz
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