SlipNOT Metal Safety Flooring Stainless Steel Vault Cover


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Stainless Steel Vault Cover
SlipNOT® slip resistant stainless access doors will keep workers and pedestrians safe when wet and slippery elements create an unsafe walking environment. Non-slip stainless steel access hatches are durable and aesthetically pleasing. Stainless steel access doors have been the unsurpassed solutions for safety where sanitation and corrosion resistance is critical. SlipNOT® vault covers can be applied to gas, electric, water and telephone covers, among many other applications. Product Information: Stainless access hatch thicknesses: ¼” and up Stainless vault covers widths: Customer specific Stainless vault covers lengths: Customer specific Stainless vault covers can be custom fabricated to meet job specifications Available SlipNOT® surfaces: Stainless Steel Surface on Stainless Steel Available SlipNOT® finishes: Mill Stainless steel access doors are available in: Grade 1 (Fine), Grade 2 (Medium) LEED: The recycled content of SlipNOT® products varies depending on the source of the substrate. However, based off of an average provided by the mills and vendors we use most often, SlipNOT® products have a minimum of 40% recycled content and up to 83% recycled content. By specifying SlipNOT® products your project may be eligible for LEED credits.
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  SlipNOT Metal Safety Flooring
Product Category Doors
Product Name Stainless Steel Vault Cover
Type Vault Cover
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