Simpson Electric Company 250 Long Scale Analog Panel Meters


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250 Long Scale Analog Panel Meters
Simpson Electric offers a wide range of reliable and durable analog panel meters to fulfill your application requirements. Analog panel meters are preferable to digital panel meters when readings tend to fluctuate or oscillate and where extended monitoring is required to indicate trends or rates of change. Analog panel meters are easier to read in bright sun-light or well-lit rooms and require no external power source. Simpson's analog meters come in a variety of designs made possible through customized dials, mounting options and a large selection of case styles and sizes. More than double the scale length Phenolic and shielded metal cases
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Technical Specifications

  Simpson Electric Company
Product Category Analog Panel Meters
Product Number Analog Panel Meters
Product Name 250 Long Scale
Operating Temperature -4 to 149 F (-20 to 65 C)
Input Type AC Voltage; DC Voltage; AC Current; DC Current
Face Type Rectangular
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