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Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Polymeric SPE Cartridges
SiliaPrepX DVB is a polystyrene-divinylb enzene copolymer presenting a high hydrophobicity used as reversed-phase for extraction of neutral, acidic and basic compounds in viscous matrices. Typical Applications Drugs & metabolites in biological fluids API from tablets, creams, in waste water & drinking water Environmental analysis: trace of PAHs, pesticides, herbicides, phenols & PCB in water Support Backbone Polymeric Resins Array DVB Family / Formats SiliaPrep™ (SPE Cartridges) Particle Size 85 µm Pore Size 60 å Storage Condition Keep dry
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  SiliCycle Inc.
Product Category Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges and Disks
Product Name Polymeric SPE Cartridges
Particle Size 85 µm (3.35 mils)
Pore Size 60 Å
Sorbent Mass 0.0100 to 5 g (3.53E-4 to 0.1764 oz)
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