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Transmitter - Theta 60M - Sifam Tinsley UK
Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom
Transmitter Theta 60M
Transmitter Theta 60M available in housing S17 clipped onto a top-hat rail and in housing S17 screw hole mounting brackets pulled out. Features • Electric insulation between measured variable, analogue output signal and power supply / Safe isolation acc. to EN 61 010 • Provision for either snapping the transmitter onto top-hat rails or securing it with screws to a wall or panel • Housing only 17.5 mm wide (size S17 housing)/ Low space requirement • All programming operations by IBM XT, AT or compatible PC running the self-explanatory, menu-controlled programming software, if necessary, during operation / No ancillary hand-held terminals needed • Digital measured variable data available at the programming interface/ Simplifies commissioning, measured variable and signals can be viewed on PC in the field
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Technical Specifications

  Sifam Tinsley UK
Product Category Data Acquisition
Product Number Theta 60M
Product Name Transmitter
Form Factor DIN Rail
Operating Temperature -13 to 131 F (-25 to 55 C)
DC Voltage -300 - 300 mV
User Interface None
Outputs Analog Current Output
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