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Transducer - P30 O - Sifam Tinsley UK
Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom
Transducer P30 O
P30 O Transducer of pulses, frequency, turns and operation time. Features • 2 universal pulse inputs • Version: standard with SD card with ethernet and internal memory • Mathematical functions for each input • Individual characteristics (up to 21 points) for each input • 1 or 2 (option) alarm output • Power supply of objection transducers 24V d.c. (option) • RS485 interface Modbus RTU slave, Modbus TCP slave (option) • Data recording in internal memory up to 4MB in external SD/SDHC card (option) or internal file system memory (8GB) option • Transducer configuration using buttons, RS485 interface and eCon software, WWW server • Firmware upgradable by the user
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Technical Specifications

  Sifam Tinsley UK
Product Category Data Acquisition
Product Number P30 O
Product Name Transducer
Form Factor DIN Rail
Host Connection RS232/422/485
Operating Temperature -13 to 131 F (-25 to 55 C)
Network Options Ethernet
User Interface Front Panel; Computer Programmable
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