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TPM® #700 Polyacrylate Topping
General Polymers TPM #700 POLYACRYLATE TOPPING SYSTEM is an acrylic polymer reinforced cementitious topping system. It is installed at a 1/4” nominal thickness and imparts greatly improved tensile, flexural and bond strengths to Portland cement compositions when compared to standard concrete. TPM #700 POLYACRYLATE TOPPING SYSTEM produces a workable, latex mortar compositions with excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack, salt penetration and degradation caused by thermal shock from steam cleaning and freeze / thaw conditions. TPM #700 POLYACRYLATE TOPPING SYSTEM and the concrete substrate to which it is applied exhibit very similar coefficients of expansion Advantages Water-based, Low VOC Resistance to impact, wear and thermal shock Breatheable mortar for on or below grade installations High aggregate loading accommodates slope-to- drain, irregular substrates or canted surfaces Unaffected by most common industrial oils, mild acids and alkalies Uses New construction and renovation projects of elevated or on-grade / below grade structures Restore spalled or damaged concrete Underlayment or repair material under other General Polymers products and systems Limitations If this material is being used a sloping, fill or repair material under a General Polymers topcoat or floor system the surface should be abraded to remove laitance prior to coating.
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  Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings
Product Category Polymer Concrete and Mortar
Product Name TPM® #700 Polyacrylate Topping
MOR / Flexural Strength 1300 to 2000 psi (8963 to 13790 KPa)
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