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Patching And Surfacing Compound Steel-Seam FT910
STEEL-SEAM FT910 EPOXY PATCHING AND SURFACING COMPOUND is a 100% solids epoxy surfacing compound for steel or patching compound for concrete. It is formulated for ease of application with squeegee or trowel on horizontal, vertical or overhead applications. 100% solids, zero VOC Tolerates moisture during cure Outstanding workability Easy to use May be applied from 5 mils to 1/2" wft/dft vertically May be applied up to 1" thick with aggregate addition RECOMMENDED USAGE May be used as a versatile filler/surfacer for uneven surfaces found in formed, open or corroded concrete and masonry surfaces. May also be used as a fairing compound for weld seams, riveted connections, lap seams and chine angels in steel tanks prior to epoxy coating and lining applications. Concrete Uses: To smooth rough concrete To fill bugholes, tie rod holes, cavities, honeycombs and other surface defects on horizontal, vertical, or overhead surfaces To form transition coves at vertical and horizontal coves Steel Uses To smooth riveted, lapped or welded seams To fill corrosion pits on steel surfaces TRM.67 Abrasion Resistance Method: ASTM D4060 Result: 0.1 grams lost Adhesion: Method: Concrete, ASTM D4541 Result: 350 psi, 100% concrete failure Method: Steel, ASTM D1002 Result: 1,200 psi Flammability Method: ASTM D635 Result: Self-extinguishing Hardness, Shore D: Method: ASTM D2240 Result: 65-70 Tensile Strength: Method: ASTM D412 Result: 2,300 psi Thermal Cycling Method: ASTM C884, 24 hrs, -21 C to 25° C Result: No cracking To form chine coves and fill sharp angles
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Technical Specifications

  Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings
Product Category Industrial Sealants
Product Number Steel-Seam FT910
Product Name Patching And Surfacing Compound
Industry OEM or Industrial; Tank Linings
Composition Unfilled
Use Temperature 50 to 120 F (10 to 49 C)
Chemical System Epoxy
Tensile (Break) 2300 psi (15858 KPa)
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