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FIRETEX Epoxy Intumescent Coating
Hydrocarbon fires can reach excessively high temperatures in a matter of minutes — or less. Structural steel under load can lose 20 percent of its yield strength at 950 F (500 C), and over half of its integrity at 1100 F (593 C). A near-total depletion of strength quickly follows at 2200 F (1204 C). Under conditions like these, you can't afford anything less than safeguards provided by the world's leading anti-corrosive passive fire protection coatings for onshore and offshore hydrocarbon environments. Coatings that are performance tested to the widest range of fire case scenarios and service temperatures. Only one fits that description: Sherwin-Williams' FIRETEX epoxy intumescent coatings. FIRETEX protects offshore platforms, refineries, terminals, pipelines and chemical plants worldwide. It's endured extensive independent fire testing, assessment and certification by Lloyd's Register, Det Norske Veritas, ABS and UL. You can be confident that FIRETEX products meet the most stringent performance test standards for fireproofing including jet fire, pool fire, boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion and blast. FIRETEX chemistry provides superior corrosion-inhibitive properties as well as the barrier protection capabilities of an immersion-grade epoxy coating. The result? A coating-to-structure bond that is superior in all measures to any alternative fireproofing method, and that will last the design life of the asset — with minimal maintenance.
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  Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings
Product Category Surface and Corrosion Protection Products
Product Name FIRETEX Epoxy Intumescent Coating
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