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Dichroic Filter
Dichroic Filters for Every Application A dichroic filter is thin optical filter crafted to transmit light in only one narrowly defined wavelength band, while reflecting all other wavelengths. These optical filters are also known as thin-film or interference filters. Dichroic filters are typically placed at a 45 degree angle to a light source. With this placement, blocked light is reflected at a 90 degree while specified wavelengths of light pass through the filter. If a light source is emitting white light, the light filtered through a filter of this type will seem to be highly saturated in color. A red filter, for instance, will transmit red wavelengths and reflect cyan. A green filter will transmit green and reflect magenta. Shanghai Optics manufactures high quality dichroic filters in longpass, shortpass, bandpass, bandblocking and color correction types. These filters are carefully crafted to exact specifications and since the color is intrinsically part of the filter it will not bleach out. This gives our filters a much longer useful life than other conventional filters. Our dichroic filters also have a very high laser damage threshold. Types of Dichroic Filters Longpass filters are filters which transmit all wavelengths above a given cut-on wavelength. Shortpass filters, on the other hand, transmit wavelengths below a given cut-off. Bandpass filters will transmit wavelengths over a narrow range, which may be specified. These filters have applications in LCD projectors, laser harmonics separators, and in fluorescence microscopy or multispectral imaging. They can also be used as cold or hot mirrors, or to monitor UV water purification. Cold mirrors and hot mirrors are dichroic filters that remove unwanted heat from a system. When placed behind a light source, a cold mirror reflects all visible light forward while transmitting unwanted NIR light out at a 45° angle. A hot mirror will reflect NIR heat and transmit visible light out at a 0° angle. Shanghai Optics Dichroic Filters Our state of the art dichroic filters feature a sharp transition from reflection to transmission. They also have exhibit high transmission in the pass band. All of our filters are dielectric coated with IBS technology. We use hard coatings and no adhesives in order to improve the filters life span. These hard coatings provide good resistance to abrasion and temperature. Our factory standard dichroic features are manufactured from UV grade fused silica. They have an operating temperature from -45 to about 85, and an angle of incidence of 45.0°. Our thickness tolerance limits are ±0.1 mm, and each of our filters has a clear aperture of at least 95%. Our standard dichroic filters are 25.2 mm by 35.6 mm by 1.1 mm. We can also manufacture custom dichroic lenses to meet your specifications. Please contact us to discuss available substrates and our manufacturing limit for custom specifications. Our team has experience with designing optics for many applications, and we can help you every step of the way, from design to prototype to production. Key Features Sharp transition from reflection to transmission High transmission in pass band Hard coatings and no adhesives for long filter life span All dielectric coated with IBS technology Factory Standard Angle of Incidence: 45.0° Shortpass Type Transmittance: Tabs>85% Dimensions: 25.2mmx35.6mmx1.1 mm Clear Aperture: >95% Operating Temperature: -45°C ~ 85°C Physical Durability: MIL-C-48497A Longpass Type Transmittance: Tabs>90% Reflection Band: Rabs>98% Thickness Tolerance: ±0.1 mm Transmitted Wavefront: 1/4λRMS@633nm (per inch) Environmental Durability: MIL-STD-810F Substrate: UV Grade Fused Silica Contact us for manufacturing limit or custom specifications.
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  Shanghai Optics
Product Category UV Filters
Product Name Dichroic Filter
Filter Type Dichroic Filters; Hot Mirrors; Cold Mirrors; Long Pass Filters; Short Pass Filters
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