Sesotec GmbH X-Ray Inspection System RAYCON 130/240


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X-Ray Inspection System - RAYCON 130/240 - Sesotec GmbH
Schönberg, Germany
X-Ray Inspection System RAYCON 130/240
The RAYCON 130/240 product inspection system detects all contaminants that due to their density, chemical composition, or mechanical dimensions absorb X-rays better than the surrounding product. For example this applies to metal, glass, ceramic, and stone contaminants in food materials. The RAYCON system also detects some types of plastics (e.g. PVC, rubber) as well as other product defects (e.g. trapped air, filling level).
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Technical Specifications

  Sesotec GmbH
Product Category Flaw Detectors
Product Number RAYCON 130/240
Product Name X-Ray Inspection System
Form Factor Monitoring System
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