Servoflo Corporation SM923X Ultra Low Gauge Pressure Sensor

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SM923X Ultra Low Gauge Pressure Sensor -  - Servoflo Corporation
Lexington, MA, United States
SM923X Ultra Low Gauge Pressure Sensor
The SM923X Series are digital, ultra low gauge pressure sensors for extremely low air pressures. 3 calibration ranges are available: 0 to +250 Pa 0 to +300 Pa 0 to + 600 Pa In addition, users have a choice of accuracies when ordering - either 3%FS, 2.5% FS or 1.5% FS after autozero. The sensors have a 16-bit I2C digital pressure calibrated and temperature-compensa ted output. The SM923X Series have a standard SOIC-16 package with a dual vertical port. FEATURES Gauge pressure ranges as low as 250 Pa up to 600 Pa 16 bit I2C digital interface Compensated temperature range of -20°C up to 85°C Insensitive to mounting orientation Robust JEDEC SOIC-16 package TYPICAL USES Medical - sleep apnea, spirometers, respiration HVAC such as VAV controllers, filter monitoring, fire protection Pneumatic gages Critical containment applications such as fume hoods and biological safety cabinets & cleanrooms COMPARES FAVORABLY TO Honeywell pressure sensors, NXP MPXx4006, MPXx5050, MPXx6115, MPXV7002, MPXV5004
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Product Category Pressure Sensors
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Product Name SM923X Ultra Low Gauge Pressure Sensor
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