Servoflo Corporation Low Differential Room Pressure Sensor & Transducer AI165

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Low Differential Room Pressure Sensor & Transducer AI165 -  - Servoflo Corporation
Lexington, MA, United States
Low Differential Room Pressure Sensor & Transducer AI165
DESCRIPTION Model 165 Series are low range differential pressure transducers and transmitters. It features a stainless steel enclosure and a plastic top. The additional small cap covers the terminal screws and adjustment holes. The pressure range covers from 0.1"WC to 100"WC, unidirectional or bidirectional. The output can be 3-wire 0-5V, 0-10V, or 2-wire with a 4-20 mA output, fully protected against short circuits and incorrect wiring. In the voltage version, the output can go down to true zero. The units are temperature-compensa ted. The accuracy can be 1.0%, 0.4% or 0.25% at room temperature. The patented stainless steel sensor provides good corrosion resistance, excellent performance, and long-term stability. Our unique production setup can also make special pressure ranges (e.g. -0.5"WC to +3.5"WC) to meet special applications.) The difference between AI164 and AI165 are the location of the pressure ports. DOWNLOAD LOW PRESSURE PRODUCT & PRICING GUIDE FEATURES Up to 15 PSI overpressure NEMA 1 construction Incorrect wiring protection Temperature-compensa ted Uni-directional or bi-directional True zero output for voltage unit Meets CE conformance standards Meets RoHS requirements TYPICAL USES HVAC and VAV control Positive pressure cleanroom and fume hood controls Duct static pressure measurement Draft control Furnace airflow control Power plant airflow monitoring and control
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  Servoflo Corporation
Product Category Pressure Sensors
Product Number
Product Name Low Differential Room Pressure Sensor & Transducer AI165
Measurement Type Differential
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