Sentry Air Systems, Inc. Model 700 Free Hanging Air Cleaner SS-700-FH


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Model 700 Free Hanging Air Cleaner - SS-700-FH - Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
Cypress, TX, United States
Model 700 Free Hanging Air Cleaner SS-700-FH
The Model 700 Free-Hanging Air Cleaner offers mid-size commercial grade air filtration with a quad-filter chamber. This system is highly effective for removing renegade and ambient pollutants without the need for external ducting, or make-up air. This compact unit can be mounted in multiple configurations. The system can be affixed to a desired ceiling location, either flush mount and in a free-hanging mount. Both options take up zero floor and benchtop space. Also, these systems can use our Fume Extractor Stand [SS-091-FES] which takes up minimal floor space and is ideal for environments with high ceilings. The quad-stage filtration system uses pre-filters and post-filters with two full-size filters in the main filter chamber. For applications that have both particulates and chemical fumes, this system can utilize dual filtration with a HEPA filter or ASHRAE filter with an activated carbon filter or specialty-blended filter media. Product Features: Quad filtration chamber: pre-filter, two main filters, and post-filter Air Volume: up to 770 CFM Easy access to filters Adjustable grill Reliable, low maintenance operation Low power consumption Simple, quick “no tool” filter change Long filter life Sturdy construction Prefilter: MERV 7 Pre-filter and Post Filter (up to 70% efficiency on particles down to 3 microns) Main Filter Choices: HEPA Filter (up to 99.97% efficiency on particles down to 0.3 microns) ASHRAE Filter (up to 95% efficiency on particles down to 0.5 microns) Activated Carbon Specialty-Blended Filter Media [i.e. acid gas, mercury, aldehyde, and ammonia] Typical Uses: Laboratories Solvent fume control Pharmacy pill dust Secondary clean room scrubber Ambient shop fume control Light grinding General air cleaning for: restaurants, event venues, game halls, community buildings, offices, cafeterias, cigar and tobacco lounges, sports facilities, and other commercial arenas
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  Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
Product Category Air Purifiers
Product Number SS-700-FH
Product Name Model 700 Free Hanging Air Cleaner
Technology HEPA Air Purifier
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