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Nephelometer - Real Time Handheld Dust Monitor - Sensidyne, LP
Clearwater, FL, USA
The Sensidyne Nephelometer is an advanced real-time dust monitor accurately measuring dust concentrations using proven light scatter technology. This portable instrument accurately measures and records dust from 1-10,000 μg/m3 with resolution to 1 μg/m3. Sample modes are selectable between 60 second sample, 15 minute STEL, or continuous sampling. The Nephelometer has an internal pump drawing samples into the iso-kinetic sampling inlet where they meet sheath air that guides samples past the particle sensor. The sensor is a photo detector that measures laser light scattered by particulates in the sample stream. The instrument multiplies each measurement by a K-factor and displays the real-time reading on the display of the instrument. After each sample, the K-factor and Environmental Factor Name and STEL, maximum, minimum, and average readings record to the internal data log. When connected to a computer the instrument uploads up to 4,000 data-log records in spreadsheet format. In addition to high sensitivity and ease-of-use the Sensidyne Nephelometer offers a low cost of ownership, automatic power save, long-life, data-logging, facility monitoring features, and user-replaceable filters.
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Technical Specifications

  Sensidyne, LP
Product Category Opacity Sensors and Instruments
Product Number Real Time Handheld Dust Monitor
Product Name Nephelometer
Other Approvals / Compliance FDA 21CFR, IEC 60825
Display Type Digital
Device Classification Sensor System
Technology Type Scattered Light Principle
Input Power Requires DC Power
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