Sensata Technologies HS22 Incremental Encoders

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HS22 Incremental Encoders -  - Sensata Technologies
Attleboro, MA, USA
HS22 Incremental Encoders
The HS22 series of hollow shaft incremental encoder offers application advantages over conventional optical encoders. This heavy duty unit is designed for ease of installation to a servo motor, the encoder’s flexible coupling fits over the driven motor shaft to provide an accurate, backlash-free method of attachment. The mounting method eliminates the need for couplings, sprockets, or gearing. The integral flex mount provides for a 20-degree angular adjustment. Through-shaft or blind shaft configurations of the HS22 encoder are available. Through-shaft units allow for applications where the center of the encoder must be used for transmission of fluids, cabling, or optics. Blind shaft units are designed to mate with shaft lengths of 0.50 to 1.50 inch. Standard outputs for both configurations include: A and B in quadrature with index and optional commutation signals for brushless motor control.
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Technical Specifications

  Sensata Technologies
Product Category Rotary Encoders
Product Name HS22 Incremental Encoders
Update Rate 100 kHz
Rotor Inertia 1.00E-3 oz-in-sec² (0.0071 kg-cm²)
Shaft Speed 5000 rpm
Count Rate 100 kHz
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