Senix Distance and Level Sensors Remote Water Level Sensor ToughSonic® REMOTE 30


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Remote Water Level Sensor ToughSonic® REMOTE 30
The ToughSonic REMOTE 30 is a remote liquid level sensor with a maximum range of 30 feet (9.1 meters). This digital sensor is designed for accuracy and long-term durability in remote monitoring applications. With a stainless steel housing, full epoxy potting and NEMA-6P and IP68 ratings, it operates in the harshest climates. It comes equipped with Senix Lightening Guard, a system that protects both power and communications circuits from repeated electrical transients of up to 7 kilovolts. The ToughSonic REMOTE 30 uses up to 20% less energy than the ToughSonic 30. It is fully configurable using SenixVIEW software. This sensor is mounted on bridges, piers and tanks all over the world in critical remote level monitoring applications.
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Technical Specifications

  Senix Distance and Level Sensors
Product Category Level Sensors
Product Number ToughSonic® REMOTE 30
Product Name Remote Water Level Sensor
Mounting Options Side mount; Top mount
Device Classification Sensor Only; Transmitter
Measuring Range 10 to 360 inch (254 to 9144 mm)
Output Options AnalogVoltage; AnalogCurrent
Communication Interface Options Digital Serial
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