Seedburo Equipment Company Clipper Sentry Roller Mill - SENTRY S1500 ROLLER MILL S1500


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Clipper Sentry Roller Mill - SENTRY S1500 ROLLER MILL - S1500 - Seedburo Equipment Company
Des Plaines, IL, USA
Clipper Sentry Roller Mill - SENTRY S1500 ROLLER MILL S1500
Seedburo offers the Sentry Series of Roller Mills by Mix Mill. These units are designed to handle a variety of controlled reductions utilizing small to moderate size rollers. The roller mills will gently and gradually reduce material to a smaller size. Inside the machine there are two to three rolls that counter-rotate to pull material through. The roll surfaces are smooth or corrugated, available in various patterns (depending upon the application and commodity) and are hollow core. There are five models of roller mills available. The Sentry S6500 lets you accurately proportion, roll and blend up to five ingredients simultaneously. The unit features a unique "Magic Window" computer with an electronic touch control panel, a two or three roll mill and a highly accurate positive gear drive proportioner. Using information you enter from your most recent feed analysis, the Magic Window will calculate and display levels of moisture, protein and other nutrients in your ration while it is being produced. The Sentry S5500 offers the same benefits as the S6500 without the features provided by the Magic Window computer. An optional counting system enables you to determine quantities of ingredients flowing through the mill. Both the Sentry S6500 and S5500 offer some unique features including the capability of rolling large and small grains at the same time through a patented, adjustable split roller mill. This is like having two separate roller units side by side, without the cost! The Sentry S4500 has many of the features found on the S5500 but uses electro-mechanical controls instead of electronics. The Sentry S2500 is a two or three roll mill available with (or without) a base and is sold without a proportioner or control panel. The Sentry S1500 is a small two-roll mill with 8" diameter hollow iron rolls. This unit is sold without a motor.
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  Seedburo Equipment Company
Product Category Rolling Mills
Product Number S1500
Product Name Clipper Sentry Roller Mill - SENTRY S1500 ROLLER MILL
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