Schneider Electric XY2CE2A290

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 - 1300880 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
These emergency stop trip wire switches are designed to reduce the risk of injury to persons and damage either to machines or work in progress. They can be tripped by a single human action when a normal emergency stop function is not available and will also trip in the event of the trip wire breaking. Switches incorporate positive opening operation contacts, the tripping of the switch being made with positive action. The switch latches in the tripped position (N/C safety contact(s) open). The function of the N/O contact is purely for signalling. Incorporates a reset button, which re-closes the safety contact(s), restarting of the machine must only be achieved by manual operation of a control device within the machine start circuit, remote to the trip wire switch. Recommended distance between cable supports is 15m (for model XY2-CB30 a distance of 20m is recommended). The XY2 CE1A296 comes with a pilot light (direct supply) Range = Preventa XY2 Series = XY2CE Reset Button = Yes Pole Configuration = DPST Normal State Configuration = 2NC, 2NO Indicator Type = Rope Tension Maximum Rope Span = 70m Maximum Current = 3 A ac, 270 mA dc Maximum AC Voltage = 240V Maximum DC Voltage = 250V
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  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Pendant Stations
Product Number 1300880
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Pendant Type Control Pendant; Grab Wire Switches
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