Sauereisen, Inc. Electric Resistor Cement Nos.78 and P-78


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Electric Resistor Cement - Nos.78 and P-78 - Sauereisen, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Electric Resistor Cement Nos.78 and P-78
Sauereisen Electric Resistor Cement No. 78 is an ideal electrical refractory cement for coating resistors, coils, electric heating elements, furnaces, and embedding resistance wire. It replaces insulating varnish, enamel, mica, etc. The cement is also available in powder form known as Sauereisen Electric Resistor Cement No. P-78. When mixed with water to the proper consistency, No. P-78 has the same characteristics as the No. 78 Paste. Working properties of the cement exhibit a virtually unlimited pot life prior to exposure to air. This feature makes Nos. 78 & P-78 ideal for automated applications using dispensing equipment. Due to its inorganic, composition, Electric Resistor Cement is very stable and will neither outgas, nor cause skin irritations like many other adhesives.
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Technical Specifications

  Sauereisen, Inc.
Product Category Insulating Varnishes and Impregnating Resins
Product Number Nos.78 and P-78
Product Name Electric Resistor Cement
Industry Electronics; Electric Power
Composition Unfilled
Use Temperature ? to 2600 F (? to 1427 C)
Dielectric Strength 1.3 to 51 kV/in (0.5118 to 20.08 kV/cm)
Form / Shape Liquid (optional feature); Powder (optional feature)
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