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Zircon Potting Cement - No. 13 - Sauereisen, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Zircon Potting Cement No. 13
Sauereisen Zircon Potting Cement No. 13 is primarily used where high electrical insulation and thermal conductivity are desired. No. 13 cures by a chemical-set and is ideal for potting applications subject to high temperature and/or thermal shock. Formulated as an economical, zircon-based cement, No. 13 is non-corrosive and compatible for applications with ceramics, glass and most metals. The material is supplied in Powder form and need only be mixed with water to apply.
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Technical Specifications

  Sauereisen, Inc.
Product Category Encapsulants and Potting Compounds
Product Number No. 13
Product Name Zircon Potting Cement
Industry Electronics; Electric Power
Type High Dielectric; Thermally Conductive
Composition Unfilled
Use Temperature ? to 2600 F (? to 1427 C)
CTE 3 µin/in-F (5 µm/m-C)
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