Sauereisen, Inc. Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement No. 1 and P-1


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Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement - No. 1 and P-1 - Sauereisen, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement No. 1 and P-1
Sauereisen Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement No. 1 is specified throughout the automotive, appliance and assembly industries for bonding, insulating, and encapsulating applications. A thermally conductive and electrically insulating cement paste, the material bonds well to metal, ceramics and glass. Upon curing, the cement resembles a durable ceramic and will resist high temperatures. No. 1 is also used to replace sealing wax, bolts, nuts, screws and mica because of its ability to readily adhere to practically any clean, non-plastic surface.
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Technical Specifications

  Sauereisen, Inc.
Product Category Industrial Sealants
Product Number No. 1 and P-1
Product Name Insa-Lute Adhesive Cement
Industry Automotive; OEM or Industrial; Appliance Assembly
Composition Unfilled
Use Temperature ? to 1800 F (? to 982 C)
Dielectric Strength 1.3 to 50.8 kV/in (0.5100 to 20 kV/cm)
Chemical System Ceramic
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