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DENARASE Endonuclease
DENARASE is a highly active endonuclease derived from Serratia marcescens. This enzyme is well known for its combined RNase and DNase activity and is therefore used in many large-scale bioprocesses. DNA can cause high viscosity in bioprocesses and often interacts with the target product, resulting in lower recovery rates. DENARASE reduces the DNA level at an early stage of the process and improves recovery rates. Successful applications of DENARASE include the purification of vaccines, proteins expressed in inclusion bodies and monoclonal antibodies. DENARASE is produced from strains of Bacillus sp. by endotoxin-free production without the use of any animal-derived compounds and under cGMP conditions. The enzyme has a purity over 99%. Technical Data and Enzyme characteristics DENARASE is an enzyme consisting of two subunits with a total molecular weight of around 60kD. The enzyme hydrolyzes phosphodiester bonds between the nucleotides and leaves molecules with a length of 3-8 bases with a 5'-monophosphate end. DENARASE hydrolyzes both DNA and RNA in various forms like e.g. single strand, double strands, circular and circular supercoiled DNA. The enzyme shows high activity under a broad range of circumstances which makes them very attractive for use in Biotech processes. Applications Biotech products must be free of host cell DNA larger than 100 bases. DENARASE leaves DNA chains of 3 - 8 bases and can be used as DNA removal technology. High DNA concentrations cause high viscosities which makes filtration and chromatography difficult. DENARASE helps to reduce the viscosity and to improve the process economics. DNA can stick to the target molecule like Mab's and Viruses. Coverage of binding groups can lead to lower recovery rates for chromatography steps. DENARASE can prevent cell clumping in bioreactors.
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