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Castable Ceramic Material (Monolithic) Norflow®
Are you interested in shorter downtime, efficient and quick installation of castables? Saint-Gobain’s latest Norflow® castable product line provides engineered solutions to our customers that require help running their installations more efficiently. Norflow® products are castables that are designed to be installed without using any installation tools, e.g. vibrator, as the products are self-flowing. It is sufficient to prepare the mix and poor it into the mold or area, and the product will flow in all zones automatically. Features and Benefits: Self-flow castables are essentially characterized by their fluidity, their low segregation and bleeding, their ability to pumping, and their sufficient workability time. They can be installed either traditionally with a bucket or with a pump. The formulation of self-flowing castables is based on three principles and criteria: the fluxing of the paste (binder + fine particles + water) the limitation of friction between aggregates the stabilization of the mixture to avoid segregation risks Just like conventional castables, self-flowing castables can be combined with PP or PVC fibers to improve drying kinetics and limit the risk of spalling during initial heat-up. The use of reinforcement steel fibers is also possible without altering the self-flowing capability, when special tensile strength of resistance to cracking is required. Main advantages of self-flowing castables are: Economical: reduced downtime, increased productivity, manpower savings (e.g; no additional or specific preparation of the installation is requested compared to conventional castables) EHS: better and less painful working conditions, lower noise, better safety (e.g. no need to walk on formworks with vibrating needles) Technical: generally higher performance, better aspect of surfaces and edges, greater freedom in structure design Norflow® products are suitable for installation of coil coat, ladle, launder and tundish lining as well as furnace linings.
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Technical Specifications

  Saint-Gobain Performance Ceramics & Refractories
Product Category Industrial Ceramic Materials
Product Number Norflow®
Product Name Castable Ceramic Material (Monolithic)
Applications Refractory or High Temperature Insulation
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