Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group ABC Natural Diamond Mesh DR-5


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ABC Natural Diamond Mesh DR-5
Natural diamond is crushed and processed from boart, an inferior diamond type unsuitable for gemology. This diamond tends to be free of inclusions and cracks, mechanically strong with high thermal stability. Natural diamond may contain less metal impurities, making it useful in the manufacture of sintered and electroplated metal bond tools. Natural diamond is available in mesh sizes typically 40┬Ám and greater in particle size. Features: Strong single crystals (blocky in shape) Intrinsic defects / impurities (higher levels of organics, metals, voids, fractures) Impact strength varies, but typically less than MB diamond and greater than RB diamon
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  Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning Group
Product Category Garnet, Emery, and Mineral Abrasives
Product Number DR-5
Product Name ABC Natural Diamond Mesh
Grading System Mesh
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