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Meldin® Material 3120
Excellent Mechanical Properties Meldin® 3100 materials have excellent mechanical properties, in tension and compression, and maintain an impressive level of these attributes as operating temperatures increase. These properties add extreme strength and rigidity to component parts, even in narrow cross-sections. Broad Design Flexibility Since Meldin® 3100 components are manufactured by an injection molding process, extremely intricate as-molded part designs are available. Injection molding allows for close tolerances, without the complication and cost of secondary machining. No Post Cure Typically, Meldin® 3100 molded components require no post cure. Product deliveries are enhanced through reduced lead times and brief manufacturing cycles. Good Chemical Resistance Meldin® 3100 is resistant to a great many chemicals, fuels, and lubricating fluids. The outstanding chemical resistance provides superior performance in a variety of aggressive environments. Superior Weld Line Strength Unlike other high performance materials, Meldin® 3100 exhibits extremely strong weld lines. With Meldin® 3100 components, you don't have to be concerned about molded part integrity. Complete Mating Surface Compatibility There are Meldin® 3100 bearing grades available for all mating surfaces with hardnesses of Rockwell B25 and higher.
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  Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics - High Performance Seals, Polymer Components and Springs
Product Category Hydraulic Seals and Pneumatic Seals
Product Number 3120
Product Name Meldin® Material
Orientation / Direction Piston Seal
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